Record Audio As MP3 Or WAV On Any Device 

Record a user's voice and display as an oscilLation Or Frequency Bars.
Now with React-Mic-Gold you can record audio from any device, and your audio is created as either an MP3 file (super small file size) or WAV file (uncompressed professional quality audio).  In other words, you can record audio from Iphone, Android, or Desktop from just one codebase (your React.js web application).

Think about this.  Now you can create voice-activated, speech recognition, language-learning, podcasting, or audio recording Web applications that run in all major browsers and devices - including iOS and Android.

One codebase, every device.

And you can impress your users with two super cool visualizations as they record their audio.
· record audio as mp3 or wav file
· supports 2 visualizations
· runs in grade A DESKTOP BROWSERS
· For Apps built with react.js
· please note: apple DOES NOT ALLOW audio recording FROM chrome on ios devices, only FROM safari
Note: Installing React-Mic-Gold and associated components requires you to set up a personal access token on your Github account. Review instructions here.
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Technical Details

React-Mic-Gold uses WebAssembly (Wasm) to encode your audio into MP3 which is a highly compressed audio format.

WebAssembly is a way to allow code written in a highly performant compiled language, like C or C++, run in the Web browser.

Because React-Mic-Gold uses WebAssembly to encode audio into MP3, the encoding process is super fast.

When your audio is encoded and saved as either an MP3 or WAV audio file, the encoding process happens in a separate background thread in the browser.

Web Workers are a way to spin up another thread in the browser so you handle computationally expensive tasks (like audio encoding) in the background without blocking the UI.

React-Mic-Gold runs on every device on the planet that has a Web browser, including Apple Iphone (iOS) and Google Android.

There's no audio component like this for React.js Web applications that allow you to record audio on any device and save it as either a highly compressed MP3 file or uncompressed WAV file for professional quality audio.